Hair Styling

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Name Description Price (R)
Short Perfect for those looking for a spiky, funky and retro look. Easy in and out blow wave. 220.00
Medium If you have a classic above the shoulder length style, this blow wave is made for you. 240.00
Long If your hair length is anything beyond your shoulders, we will need to do some extra work. 260.00
Extra Long If your hair is your pride, and you have to spend a little more time to make it look fabulous, we recommend this. 280.00

Name Description Price (R)
Short Come freshen up your Pixie Style Cut. 330.00
Medium Keeping the cut above your shoulders, This is a quick and easy cut. 360.00
Long With this cut we layer your hair and trim the ends. 390.00
Extra Long Have your ends trimmed back into style as well as adding layers to very long hair. 420.00
Gents For a short back and sides , trendy and modern cut and style. 185.00
Cut Only Come in for a cut and leave without a blow wave. All the style for half the price ! 280.00

Name Description Price (R)
T-panel In-Between colour service, perfect to hide that regrowth. 350.00
Half We create a specific look for you, perfect for highlight newbies. 500.00
Full We believe in going big or going home. 600.00
Gents When just a cut just is not enough for that new fresh look. 350.00

Millilitres Used Price (R)
20 ml (Toner) 295.00
30 ml (Roots) 385.00
40 ml 490.00
50 ml (Short) 590.00
60 ml (Medium) 685.00
70 ml 780.00
80 ml (Long) 860.00
90 ml 950.00
100 ml 1075.00

Name Description Price (R)
BioSense Moisture Treatment Hydrates, Strengthens and Protects your hair. Enhanced with Boabab Oil and Watermelone Seed Oil for added moisture and shine. 180.00
BioSense Protein Treatment Rich in Ximenia Oil that improves the hair structure and repairs, regenerates and nourishenes hair, leaving it soft, bouncy and healty. 180.00
Davines Replumping Treatment Elasticizing and Hydrating for all hair types with a nourishing and replenishing effect. 500.00